What You Should Know About a Tree Service Company


A Tree service company specializes in the removal, planting, and maintenance of trees. Its focus is on the built environment, including road verges, greenways, and backyards. A Tree service company can help you with a wide variety of tasks, from pruning and removing limbs to conducting structural assessments. It can also assist with preparing plans for new construction and improving the look of your neighborhood. There are a few things you should know before you begin your business.

Work environment

Creating a safe work environment for tree service workers is important. Unfortunately, tree care workers have died due to falls, electrocutions, and falling objects. In order to make a tree service operation as safe as possible, employers and workers need to work together. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety offers tips to ensure that everyone is safe on the job. Personal protective equipment is important, as is checking for hazards. Tree service workers should wear proper protective gear.

Whether working in an office or performing on the job, technicians should be able to communicate well with others. Tree service technicians often work in teams, which means that they need to have good teamwork skills. This will help them share information and complete tasks effectively and efficiently. Workers must also be able to work with others without losing focus. They must be able to work with a variety of personalities, including team players and introverts.

Permits and licenses

It’s important for a tree contractor to have the proper tree service permits and licenses in place before they begin work. Every state and city has different rules and regulations about planting and removing trees. To make sure that you’re following the law, you should get your permit from the city’s arborist before you begin any work. The city arborist will review the application materials and give you the necessary information. Make sure that you include your address when submitting your application.

You’ll need a business license or contractor’s license if you plan to work on street trees. Obtaining a license will give you the legal right to perform certain types of work, including installing driveways or sidewalks, hanging holiday lights, and extending the planting area. If you need a tree service license, you should research the local and state agencies to find out what their requirements are. This way, you can make sure that your business gets the proper permits and licenses.


The cost of a tree trimming service varies depending on several factors, including size, location, and type. Some trees are too large to be cut down with a standard chainsaw, which can increase the price. Additionally, some companies offer additional services that add to the bill. A quote for tree trimming is generally less than $400 for a small tree. However, if you’re having a large tree removed, the price can be more than $1,800.

A basic tree trimming service costs between $250 and $460, with a higher end service costing over $2500. Trees that are less than 30 feet will cost between $75 and $400, while trees that are 30 to 60 feet will cost $150 to $800 or more. A large tree over 60 feet will cost at least $1,500. It’s important to shop around so you can be sure that you get the best value for your money.


If you are in the tree service industry, you must have heard of the importance of marketing. Marketing helps you get more customers, increase your online visibility, and attract prospective clients. However, marketing is not always straightforward. It is important to know how to reach the right people and use the right tools. Here are some tips to help you with your marketing. First, start by collecting email addresses from customers. Once you have this, you can send your customers emails with useful information. These emails will help them learn about the types of trees you can service, which will eventually lead to more sales.

Second, change the hours of your business. Many tree service companies do not operate during normal business hours. This means they are not always open on weekends or after hours. To overcome this issue, you can work with your production team to stay open later. Depending on the nature of your business, you might need to split the team into several shifts. Another option is to keep an emergency department open after office hours. It’s important to be available when people need your services the most.