Becoming an Arborist


Whether you want to improve the health of trees or simply make your property more appealing, becoming an arborist may be a good option for you. A career in tree care is ideal for those who love working outdoors. An arborist’s job duties include taking care of trees, preventing diseases, and even helping choose the best trees to plant. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, you’ll need to get a college degree. You also need to find an employer that will hire you, since many employers prefer arborists with experience.

The work of an arborist includes planting, pruning, fertilizing, and removing dead branches and other dangerous foliage. Depending on the job, an arborist might also work with structural support, treatment, lightning protection, or ecological communities. Often, these jobs involve working at great heights. Some jobs in this industry are physically demanding, and it’s easy to become exhausted if you don’t like to be on your feet.

Generally, you’ll need to get a degree in horticulture or forestry to be able to work as an arborist. However, there are some employers that don’t require a formal education. You can also pursue a certification if you want to advance in the tree care profession. If you are interested in becoming a tree care supervisor or manager, you’ll need to have a few years of experience.

You’ll be able to work in a variety of settings, including private lands, public parks, and landscaping companies. You’ll be able to choose a variety of positions, from crew leader to supervisor. You’ll be able to specialize in areas such as pest control, disease prevention, or ornamental species. In addition, you’ll be able to work with a wide variety of equipment, from ladders to chippers.

An arborist’s salary is typically between $30,180 and $64,210. The actual compensation varies, depending on the employer and location. It’s important to ask an employer about the payment and benefits. You should also ask about the amount of training you’ll need to take.

If you’re a person who is interested in learning more about trees and the job of an arborist, you’ll be able to shadow an arborist. This will help you develop a strong knowledge base about tree care. You’ll also learn how to identify different species of trees, which can be especially useful when you’re looking for a job.

An arborist may perform other duties, such as assessing a tree’s health and recommending appropriate treatments for the trees. You might also be tasked with testing soil in a new location, advising on the right species to plant in a certain location, or advising on tree transplants. Some arborists work in a tree nursery, where they care for ornamental plants and trees. Alternatively, you could work in an urban setting.

You’ll need to be a physically fit individual with the ability to climb high and deal with varying weather conditions. You’ll also need to have a good grasp of regional climate and flora.


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